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Hyundai Avante-MD GDI 1.6L model 2012 (gasoline / sedan) Korean edition vin no. KMHDH41DBCU266401

Dear Sirs


I have fuel consumption on my car, it consumes 15 L/100 KM while it was 9 L/Km, this happened suddenly (the consumption was normal before) I didn't do anything wrong and was doing its maintenance according to the rules, I had checked everything related to fuel system (every single part) on authorized Hyundai dealer at my country and they told me that there are no troubles with my car at all (no trouble codes) an no need to change any part. But the problem is still persisting and the excessive fuel consumption is becoming worst, noting that I am not facing any problems while driving.

Despite of all that I had changed the following spare parts (by brand genuine new ones):

- Air filter

- O2 sensor

- Spark plugs

- Injection system

I am using oils and fuel according to the car manual. I had changed my tires by new ones but they are the same size as used by the company (the standard ones). I am driving on the same conditions since I bought it and I am the only one driving it.

Despite all this the problem was not solved.


What can I do to solve this problem noting that I spent a lot of money to find a solution in vain?


Sorry for being long.

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