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Wrong floor mats

I did not receive the pictured floor mats. They were smooth and fuzzy with only one of them with the Veloster logo. The pictured mats which are the original product have a ridged texture with the Veloster logo on both front mats. Please explain why they aren't as pictured.

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According to my ticket and amazon order i was supposed to receive black mats 3QF14 AC200RY but I received 3QF14 AC200HZ and they are not black,it says cocoa brown but they look like a really dark brown but definitely not black compared to the original mats in my you still have the 3QF14 AC200RY black mats like in the picture on amazon?
I ordered Sonoma car mats but they should have been ordered as Elantra car mats. How can I send these mats back and order the correct ones? Item number was 2011-20120201302014 floor mats. 4 pcs. 3QF14ALc200RY. Order number 2580881619130. 2017-12-01 Patricia Wirkus. 53 Timber Ridge Southington Ct. 06489 860-276-9578

cannot get straight answer on how to return wrong item shipped

cannot get return authorization for wrong item shipped

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