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Order missing item

Hello my name is Cole I ordered a pair of black door handles for my hyuandai tiburon. However when the box arrived it only contained the handle for the drivers side door.

hi i just got my order in the mail and i had order for genuine air vent ring set (2pcs) for tiburon and i have only recieved 1 ring.may you guys send thee other ring.

I haven’t received my package I had 2005-2010 exterior door handles in they say delivered but I have not received them . Been almost a month
Hello, I ordered a replacement genuine Hyundai rear windshield wiper arm and cap assembly. Unfortunately the cap was not included with my order. The paper invoice and description on Amazon both show that the cap is indeed include with each order. Please send me a cap when possible.
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Hello, my wife and i bought a 2016 Kia Sorento tailgate lock via Walmart. In attempting to install same I realized that said lock did not have the mechanism to attach the the actuator cable to unlock the device. In other words that part is missing. please assist.

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